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it surprised me anyway and I did that squeal I levitra 20 hate to do, but don't seem to be able to avoid. To say it levitra 20 felt good is a great understatement... "Ohhhhhh" I go as cum shoots inside Robbie's bowels "Ohhhhhh" for the second shot. I fought the urge to whimper, but it was such an awesome feeling that the sounds coming out buy levitra online of me were beyond my control at the moment. I got all those dots of light in my vision and my generic levitra online levitra 20 mg entire body shuddered and shivered from my shoulders to my toes. I continued pumping his hole with my cum squishing out of him with generic levitra online each smacking sound. We were basically a mess. By the time I was done fucking him, the poor boy was almost bent in half with his legs spread wide near the head rest at the top of the seat generic vardenafil back and the back of his head squirming around on the seat. Pulling out gave me another shudder ... I was totally spent. He gets me going crazy... it's nuts how carried away I get fucking him. Robbie's face was generic levitra of course still that bright red color that hides his rosy cheek blotches, but he had a contented look levitra generic and a half smile and those eyes giving me that adoring stare again. Fuck, is he cute! My eyes were half closed and I felt exhausted, with my cock still hard I generic levitra flopped down beside Robbie, bumping my elbow on the steering wheel. buy levitra He let his legs fall over to the passenger side door and slowly rustled levitra 20 around so his ass was sitting levitra generic in the seat instead of the back of his head... he got right up next to me and took my hand to hold between both of levitra generic his. It felt nice to be holding levitra coupon hands, I like holding a boy's hand... Willie and I do it buy levitra whenever we can. I had that damn guilty feeling again as soon as I thought of Willie's name. It's not fair to Robbie to let that show though so I squeezed back on his hand and he laid his head on my shoulder and mumbled, "I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm in love with you. Don't yell at generic levitra online me, I levitra coupon won't say it all the time, but levitra 20 mg online levitra I am... in love with you, I mean." I said nothing because I didn't think I was anywhere near being in love with Robbie. I mean I love him, you know... as a sex buddy, as a friend, like that. Finally I said, "It's too soon for you to be in love with me, Robbie... that's all I'm going to say about levitra 20mg it except thank you for the thought." Robbie mumbled, "I don't care if it's too soon, I'm in love with you." levitra 20 mg There are a world full of worse vardenafil things a person can say to you so I leaned over and kissed the side of his forehead levitra coupon and in a real low voice I said, "You just might be the cutest boy I've ever seen in my long life down here on earth" Robbie actually laughed and said, "No way, Dodger's levitra online cuter than me, but other online levitra than that you're probably right" I liked that he levitra online wasn't too serious, but he did add, "Thanks buy levitra for saying that, however there are kids cuter than me just in my homeroom." I used his words and levitra 20 mg said, "I don't care what you say, you're still cuter than generic levitra online any of them." He laughed again and said, "yeah, I guess you're right after all" and we buy levitra kissed lightly for a while. 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When Mr and Mrs Dickers were safely back levitra coupon inside, and in between slurps from watermelon bites, Chubby told another one of his boss, levitra online Rickie's, jokes. levitra 20mg "A guy gets on a generic vardenafil plane with six kids. The woman across the aisle vardenafil asked buy levitra online the guy if all the kids were his. He told her that 'no' they weren't. He worked for a condom company and these kids were customer complaints he needed to resolve." As usual Chubby tells it with a deadpan expression and after the levitra 20mg lame punchline, Dodger goes, "That might be the worse levitra generic joke I've ever fucking heard" and he throws his watermelon rhine at Chubby who ducks and it splatters the side of Robbie's head and the food fight was on. Watermelon fight number two. We are very immature sometimes, but it's so much fun to act like a ten year old. Later we cleaned up the splattered watermelon pretty well and all four of us went back in the pool. Robbie was doing more levitra 20 mg hugging of my slippery wet body then wrestling but I wasn't complaining. Dodger and Chubby groped my nuts and squeezed by penis but I stayed soft, me fucking Robbie had levitra 20 satisfied me for the moment. An hour from now, I can't promise that will still be the case, but right now it was a peaceful feeling. I felt great! Just like the last time we online levitra were here before levitra online our vacation, the mosquitoes drove us out of the water and into the house to dry off. Roll our swim suits in our towel and put on our shorts and T shirts. Chubby and buy levitra online me thanked online levitra the Dickers profusely and Robbie drove us home with Dodger insisting he needed to sit on my lap vardenafil instead of levitra 20mg using the half back-seat. He had a hard boner almost from the start so I don't think he generic levitra online had done to Chubby what he did to me that time in generic vardenafil the pool. Everyone was in a real friendly frame of mind, tired, but happy. Me and Robbie especially. generic levitra